Budgie Dedications

My parakeet, Homer, only lived two years, but they were two wonderful years. He learned so much in those two years. He learned to say: "I LOVE YOU", AND "PRETTY BIRD" (at times he'd sing, "PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY PRETTY BIRDIE"). His favorite saying was WHAT ARE YOU DOING"? He loved music, dancing, kisses, taking a bath, food, and lots of attention. He was never a timid bird, but one who wanted to explore new territories and learn new words. He welcomed new toys, never being afraid of them but curious as to what they were. He had one favorite toy and became hysterical if you touched it. He would run over and make sure it was ok after your hands were on it! Some of his favorite foods were broccoli, celery, lettuce, pizza and toast. He would land on your head and walk down your forehead to your nose and try to get your food. Or he would just land on your head and want to talk to you. He was the sweetest, friendliest bird and I loved him dearly.

For some unknown reason, I came home from work on September 8, 1999 and was cleaning his cage out and he just died right then in his cage. It was so mysterious, sudden and most of all heartbreaking. It was as if he waited for me to come home to see him one last time. I loved him so much. I will miss him dearly and want to dedicate this page to my beautiful blue budgie, Homie......I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

I don't think anyone can fully understand the bond between a parakeet and a person until you've experienced it yourself. They bring so much joy into your life. My home just won't be the same without Homie. He truly will be missed.

- Submitted by Debi

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