Budgie Stories

I used to have a green parakeet named Heddy. He was my baby! He was purchased at a store in NY in 1994. He moved with us in the dead of winter in Feb. 1996 to North Carolina. I knew he was special because our moving truck broke down on the thruway and we had no heat and somehow he survived. We found ourselves moving agin this time to the heat of Mississippi. My Heddy had a wonderful life there. He welcomed 2 new children to our home and came attached to our oldest daughter. When ever we ate breakfast, lunch, dinner he was always at the table sampling everyones plate. He even took showers with me. I knew something was wrong in late Sept. of 1999. It was not his usual "cold" and told my husband that he was really sick. Over the next few weeks he grew weaker and got really quite. My husband was away on business the morning I found him puffed up on the bottom of his cage. He was able to lift his head and give alittle chirp before I took him to bed with me. A short time later he was gone. My children and I buried him in the backyard that same day. To this day, I have a new baby and HER name is Shelby. Just like my Heddy only she is blue. I cherish her everyday and give her the love she gives to me.

- Submitted by SP in Mississippi

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