Remembering Harrison

My fiancee and I bought a little budgie (Harrison) 2 years ago, he was the greatest thing to ever happen to us. He would mimic me everytime I made a certain sound, he would come up to us and give us kisses. His specialty was dive-bombing us when we were watching TV. That was just his way of saying hi mom and dad. We loved him so much that we bought another baby for him which we named buddy. She was the spitting image of Harrison. How many people can honeslty say that their budgies made them laugh...... Well we can, these 2 became such best friends and liked to get into a lot of mischief. Not a day went by that we didn't thank God for blessing us with these 2 perfect birds.

Sometimes when my fiancee came home he would go and see the birds before me....He loved Harrison more than anything in the world.... About 7 months ago we had lost a baby budgie to cancer, she was only 1 1/2 years old. We replaced her with buddy. Then a month ago my mother lost her 1 year old budgie due to a tumor growing under her wing. We were so thankful that our birds were healthy and we knew that we would have them a long time. I tell you those two birds were crazy, they were so active and playful..... 3 weeks ago I moved to a new province to start a new job and my fiancee was to soon follow me. I left him with the birds, hoping to see them again soon. Unfortunately that was not the case. Last night our precious Harrison passed away, and the cause was once again cancer. A tumor growing inside of him....Why did this happen to such a unique budgie. It hurts more for me because I wasn't there to say goodbye to him.

About an hour before he died my fiancee was holding him in his hand and my mother put the phone up to him and let me talk to Harrison. That's when a miracle happened. He hadn't chirped or really moved in over a week, but as soon as he heard my voice he let out a chirp and started to squirm around. He heard me, he heard me tell him I loved him and it was time to let go Shortly after that he died. He just wanted to hear his mom.

So many people out there don't understand what it is like to lose a bird. They don't understand the bond. They always tell me, "oh come on it's just a bird." Well let me tell them...sure it may just be a bird but you bond with that animal just the same as you would any other. You love them the same and treat them the same, they are all so beautiful and uniquely different. Don't ever say it's just a bird, because someday you may lose a pet of your own, and it will be painful. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone else saying, oh it's just a cat or a dog......... I am so thankful that we still have our little Buddy because she is just like Harrison and I truly believe that he will live on through her. We love you baby and will always be with you.........

Love Mom and Dad

- Submitted by Karen from Canada

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie