Budgie Stories

"Andrea Lewis" I would like to share my story about my friend and copmanion. I had Gimper only one week but in one week he taught me about life and copassion.

I adopted Gimper from a local pet store who was going to euthinize him the next day. You see, Gimper had a broken leg which was badly twisted completly around. He was about one inch long and was still a young baby. (About 6-8 weeks old.)

So at eight o'clock at night, my husband and I had out sixth bird. We stayed up all night checking on him.Making sure he was warm enough and had food. Neither of us slept much at all. When we failed to check at the proper intevals he would peek his head out and check on us- as if to say where are you? Gimper was a great bird while we had him. He liked to be with his "flock" members. He talked to our other birds (threw the wall becasue he was in isolation). For that one week he would cuddle in our hand and tweet his own songs. He inspired us all as he climbed up his cage countless times, with only one good leg. The determination he had was amazing.

When he was with us one week, he died. I hope that he didn't suffer, i don't believe he did...because one day he was himself and the next he had gone in his sleep. I know to some he's "just a bird" and not an expensive one at that. But he made a great friend.

I want other people to know that birds with handicapps are great companions. They may not be able to some things other birds can- but they still need love.

I hope that Gimper knew that we loved him. Even if he didn't at least he got the chance to live a full life. So at the end of the day when I see an empty cage, I know I made a difference. Even if it was to that one bird.

- Submitted by Elizabeth Vanderwarker

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