Fuzzy was the greatest bird there ever was. He was my best friend and always knew how to cheer you up if you were down. He was very talkative and could say things like hello, how are you?, pretty bird, Ha Ha HA, among other things and he could even whistle songs like bethovens 5th symphony. What a great little guy he was. He would come when you snapped your fingers and he would always join me on the side of my cereal bowl for his favorite treat, rice krispies. His favorite toy was my little plastic ducky rattle that I got when I was a baby. He was mostly white with skyblue on his stomach. Although he lived a full and happy life it was the most devistating thing that ever happened to me when he died. As I watched him take his very last breath I felt as though my world was crashing down around me. I was 13 when Fuz died and now I am 24 and I still miss him so very much. So, Fuz, wherever you are in heaven (because you are definatly a little angel) I just want to let you know that I love you and I miss you more than you'll ever know. You're the best!!!! Love - Em :)

- Submitted by Emily McMahon

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie