Budgie Stories
In Loving Memory of Fuego

Thank you for all the days that you made us happy, for all the joy that you brought us. We will miss all the times that you ran away from your food canister when we entered your room, when we placed you in the Czech mug to make you screech, and especially your parakeet smell. We miss that cute limp of yours, as your little green body travelled from one side of the cage to another. Your little tail feathers were starting to grow back, but never had the chance to grow in completely. You were so young, but now you are finally out of pain. You were my adopted son, and yesterday we buried a Dimitrov (Cochino). Please forgive us if we have been mean to you, but we have always loved you. Agua is so miserable without you...she hardly eats and she is so sad. Cochino will think of you everyday as he passes your grave outside his building. We have put your name on the pet store wall. Cochino, Agua, and Ardilla miss you, Fuego. You will be in our hearts forever.

- Submitted by kruegerlab@Brown.edu

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