Budgie Stories
Forest and Lavender

This about Forest and Lavender. i got them from my violin teacher and he has a dog. Forest is old and Lavender is younger. I was so bumbed that I wasn't aloud to buy new toys, get thier wings clipped, take them out, but I couldn't clean the cage myself. It really sucks.

My mom is SO convinsted that cuttlebones are for that they are pregent and told everyone about my determination and how I thought they needed a vet she told my relatives and they laughed, and laughed.

My dream is to work in a pet shop so I can learn how to clip thier wings and everything! That way I could do everything myself. But that is in 5 years. Then when I'm in university I want a cocktiel, and only a cocktiel. Away from my parents so it can become the sweetest, cutest, smartest taliking cokctiel on earth.

When I'm an adult and I move away from my parents I want to become a writer or a artist and a breeder. Also I'm get myslef a baby cockatoo.

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