First Clutch

Her name is Ong the Terrible. Named partly for a client of the vet I worked for (Ruth Ong) and partly cause she had a tendency to beat up the males and throw out the eggs of females. She shares an enclosure 250+ square ft (or so) with 4 other budgies, a flock of finch, 2 lovebirds, 3 iguanas, 4 box turtles, and 2 h2o turtles. We've had eggs a plenty, but no babies. On or about December 14th when doing a "head count" I looked into Ong's box and found two brand new babies!!! How exciting!!! I vowed not to bother them so as not to upset her. On Dec. 23rd while doing my chores out there I heard a lot of screeching coming from Ong's box, upon looking inside I discovered Chirp-chirp had gone in and was attacking the babies!!! Ong nor I was happy!!! I boosted Chirp out and brought the box with mom and babies inside. I've been hand feeding at our vets suggestion even though she's still taking care of them. They are doing GREAT, O.J. (Ong Junior) is the one that got beat up, he(or her) is a real scrapper and until he realizes I'm there to feed he'll try to bite. JJ (Joxer Junior) however is quite used to me, I'm thinking about keeping him inside and training him(her). I will wait till the babies are weaned to turn Ong back into "the wild" (our room) and keep O.J. till mating season is over to be sure there's no fighting. I hope that the clutch Zena and Gaberilla (they came with those names) are brooding will do as well!!!!!

- Submitted by Janet Dempsey Phoenix

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