Budgie Stories
Feebie the Male Budgie

Two years ago, when I was eleven, I wanted a parakeet realy bad. My mom worked in a veterinarian clinic and one of the girls that worked there bred birds. Ome Saturday when I was at the clinic with my mom Amber (the bird breeder) had brought her four-week-old parakeets to the clinic. There was a yellow one, witch was an American and a frosted( very light colored) blue parakeet, witch was English. I emmeddiatly fell in love with the beautiful light blue parakeet. I asked my mom if I could possibly have him. Afteer a while, she said that I could have him, but I had to buy him with my own money. I already had a "cleaning up after the dogs outside job" at the clinic that payed me every Saturday. I picked out the blue parakeet. and ina month, I took him home.

When I got "her" I named her Feebie, because it's nose was pink, witch meant it was a girl. Then, I noticed that "her nose was starting to turn purple, than when Feebie was about six months old, it's nose was royal blue, witch meant Feebie was a male! But I didn't change his name, because he was used to it.

Feebie and I are very close. He sits on my shoulder as I waslk around my room. The first and last time I got his wings clipped, he was very mad at me, because I had taken away his freedom to fly. He would not come out of his cage the first day. But as his flight feathers grew back, he forgave me and now can not leave my room because he can fly.

Since I got him when he was young, I decided to teach him how to talk. It took alot of dedication! Every night, for ten minutes, I would sit on my bed with him on my finger. I would say his name over and over and as I did this, he would put his beak on my lips and listen, as if he realy wanted to learn. It took Feebie about two weeks to learn to say his name. Now, he rings like a bell, barks like a dog, immitates my mom's cockateil she used to have, he squeals like a guinea pig, says Feebie, come here, hello, Mommy, how are you?, and Merry Christmas. Sometimes, I regret teaching him how to talk, because he drives me crazy. But, i will always love him and I hope that I can make life as happy as I can for him!

- Submitted by Erika Warncke, OH

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