The Easter Budgie

Every Easter the Easter Bunny leaves Easter baskets for our two children 7 & 5 in their tree house. This year was the same except for the blue bird that kept hovering close by. He lighted on one of the rails and then on a nearby tree branch where my husband could lend out a finger. The little guy was very tired and missed, dropped slightly into the reach of our waiting cat. In true Slyvester and Tweety tradition, the cat got a good shaking and dropped our new friend into a helping hand. Turns out this little bird is a Parakeet! We promptly put up "Found Parakeet" signs in the neighborhood, but have yet to get a response. We named him 'Easter' and he is now a favored resident with his own home well out of the way of our felines.

- Submitted by Sharon Schwab

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