Budgie Stories

Doc is what is known as a "rainbow fancy" budgie. He was born on June 13, 1988. I got him 8 weeks later, straight out of the nest. He isthe best pet I have ever owned. He's my baby and I'm his Momma.

Doc started talking a week after I got him, and hasn't stopped since. He has over 30 sayings - my husband calls it his "repetoire" - he says things like "don't worry, be happy" "momma's little baby loves shortening bread" "what are you doing?" "birdie wanna go in the cage" "a,b,c,d,e,f,g" "he's such a good bird", "he's such a pretty, pretty bird" and many more (sounds just like me) and he also makes the "water" noise, the "microwave" noise, the "paper rustling" noise, among others. He has his playground of favorite toys set up on the kitchen counter and spends much of his time playing there.

He has a little routine called "coffee time" that he does with me in the mornings. He helps me find the spoon and sugar, chews the label from the instant coffee jar and puts pieces in the cup, runs back and forth (you'd have to see it to appreciate it) and does it the EXACT same way every time and has for almost 12 years now. We call it the bird show.

If I stay up after about 10 p.m., Doc will start telling me "seepy time", "birdie go seep, momma go seep now" over and over until I cover him up. He knows that it means it is time to go to sleep. He also says "hi" a lot of times when I come in after work. The only word he won't say is "NO". He knows what it means, and puffs all up and gets mad when we tell him no.

Doc's the happiest when he is sitting on my chest and I am talking to him. He LOVES his mom. He will nestle down and sleep with me or just talk and talk, telling me all his wonderful secrets. My husband adores him.

This little guy is the light of our lives, and he's just like our cute little son. We know the time will come for him to go, and we are trying to prepare ourselves for it, but I know that there will never be a pet that will replace the love and joy he has brought us.

- Submitted by Janice

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