Budgie Stories
Dexter and Daphnie

D and K Marich Ok, here is the funny story of my two budgies... Dexter and Daphnie, They are the neatest pets i've ever had. I got Dexter about 5-6 months before I got Daphnie. Before I got Daphnie Dexter had a-lot of fun but when I would leave for school He would scream his head off as I locked him in his cage. Then he would chew the heck out of his toys untill my mom would come home for lunch at noon. When he heard her open the door he would make as much noise possable so she would get him out of his cage. They are so awesome and funny togather.

It was around 11:OO on a Saturday, I was doing alot of stoff that day. Dexter Daphnie and I were watching T.V. We were watching a vet show and ther11e (DEXTER DID THAT!!) there was a cockatoo getting a check up. Dexter could fly pretty well by then. He would keep flying over and buzzing the T.V. At the comercial they were pretty boored. I put them on my shoulder and we went into the kitchen to get a sandwitch. Dexter and Daphnie kept wanting to have a bite , they would lean out as far as they could and chirp. I knew they would throw a fit and be mad if I didn't get them anything. I got into the fridge and got out an apple and cut it into a few small pieces for them. I put it on a paper plate ,ON THE FLOOR! then I set Dexter and Daphnie on the floor to eat it. As soon as I put my hand down there for them to get off they would hold on as tight as they could ( They hate to be put on the floor when somethin interesting is happening.

"OK" I said and put the plate on the counter and then they hoped off my hand and started eating the apple. I got out the peanut butter and jelly and started making me another sandwitch. I grabbed the peanut butter and took a knife to scoop some of it out. I took a big scoop and was going to put on the bread when the phone rang. I hurried and set down the knife. Then I ran to get the phone I glanced at Dexter and Daphnie, they were occupied.

I got the phone and talked for a few minutes (It was my Grandma Belle) then said good by. I tossed the phone on the couch and walked back into the kitchen. When I got there I looked at the counter. Dexter and Daphnie were covered in peanut butter ! They were chowing down like no other. I picked them up and washed they off. I laughd for a long time. They are neat pets

- Submitted by Matt

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