Budgie Stories
Dana Scully and the X-Files

Hello! My name is Anca Dumitrache and I have two little budgies. Their names are Dana scully Puia and Fox Mulder Puiu! I love them very much! Dana is blue, and her head is white with black spots. Fox is green, his head is yellow with black and blue spots.

It's a rainy day of March. I am comming back from school. I miss my budgies very much so I'm in a hurry to get home. At last... the door!!! "Hello Dana, hello Fox!" I say. But when I look at the cage, where's Dana? Oh the horror! Oh the humanity! Did Fox eat Dana? I look in his tiny black eyes and I know... He didn't do it! Then where's Dana?

Suddenly, a long scream brakes the silence: "Kronc! Kronc! Kronc!" It's Dana! Somehow she got out from he cage and now she's on the window! After a long run, the escaped budgie is caught! Now she's bck in her cage! But how did she get out? Did the aliens help her? Or is she more stronger then we imagine? Another mistery unsolved mistery from the X Files!

- Submitted by Anca Dumitrache

©1997-2000 Me & My Budgie