May -1997
(In Mommy Birdy's own words)

Dakota. She was special. Such a lotta attitude in such a micro body. She only weighed 29 grams but she had such a big heart. She was the budgie that showed me budgies DO smile!!! And it was such a special smile, her eyes got all "scrunchy" and twinkled. She always knew when I felt "down" and would do ALL her antics just to make me laugh. She also taught me to deal with health problems by NOT GIVING UP!!! She lived life to the fullest until the very end. I will sorely miss her. The other birds that shared "her" room will miss her too. The squadron formation will fly without the "blue leader" from now on.

...Only someone who loved a little feathered friend can know how much "spirit" and "attitude" and pure unconditional love and personality can dwell in these feathered bodies. I must believe that there will be animals in heaven, otherwise it wouldn't be heaven to me...

A little blue budgie in a blue silk kimono and pink high heeled slippers with feathers around the toes is unpacking her bags in heaven tonight and taking out her white majorette boots with the tassels and her toothpick/coffee stirrer baton and getting ready to do one awesome performance of twirling, strutting, crawling through toilet paper rolls, tossing lattice balls high, playing soccer and doing daring feats while hanging from greens. I am sure it will greatly amuse God.

©1997-1999 Me & My Budgie