Budgie Stories

Where do I start -- telling you our parakeet "Crazy" is the love of our lives, but she's has 2 of them so far. I'm a single mom and getting Crazy was the best thing I ever did -- she gives us (my sons Fred -- 13 and Steven - 18) unconditional love that goes beyond belief. Two days before Mother's Day of 1999, my son Steven went out to get the mail and Crazy followed him out the door (she's like a puppy dog and follows us wherever we go -- got wings clipped, finally). Steven followed her as much as he could, getting help from most of the neighbors on my street. He was climbing trees and following her everywhere she went. Here's the best part: she whistles exactly like I do and that's how Steven found her 2 streets away. When I came home from work, I was frantic and screaming all over the neighborhood for her. Steven called from a house 2 streets away (the lady let him use the phone) and told me where they were. I kept whistling to her until she flew back to our street, high up in a tree. I had her cage in my hand and she finally came down to the cage. Steven and I stood in the street sobbing (I'm crying now just thinking about it). Just picture a 17 year old "man" crying about his parakeet. It took 2 hours but we got her back; I don't know what I'd do if I lost her. She was only 9 months old at the time. It took me almost a week to finally stop crying everytime I talked about almost losing her.

The next story was when I accidentally stepped on her head while she was under the kitchen table (she loves to sit "under" things). Her left leg went limp and she was doing strange things with her eyes, as if she couldn't see straight. She also stopped whistling all her whistles that are the same as mine and my son's. We took her to the vet the next morning because she still wasn't acting right and not whistling. They kept her there for 6 hours to see if there was neurological damage and sent us home when they didn't see anything wrong. To make a long story short, it took 2 weeks until she was pretty much back to normal and her crazy self. My son and I cried when we heard her first whistle after not hearing it for, what seemed like an eternity.

She's become more attached to us since then -- kisses me alot and just loves to sit with us wherever we are -- bathrooms, too. We knew she was really okay when my son came home from college for the weekend and they had their usual "bird" conversation. You can't tell them apart. So that's my story......

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