Budgies, The Colour of Life

Hello. Once again I'm writting to you. I've written in before (Ricci & Chanel). Time flies so fast- it's nearly a year since Chanel past on and two years since Ricci left the world. I still feel them close by my side throughout the day. Well, I'm writting in because I would like to remind all budgie keepers, lovers, as well as would-be keepers of these wonderful birds how much they can colour your life. Life whithout them can be a little dull.

The first time when you actually walk into the pet store or the breeders aviary to select your feathered companion, is a moment you will never forget. You clutch the paper bag or box your precious little friend is in so close to your heart. You whisper sweet notes and hello's to your friend. Through the little peep hole, you can see him huddled in the corner looking back at you (your eye actually!) quite frightened.

The moment you arrive home and let him climb out of his little transportation capsule by himself is the most exciting time. He may look around quite cautiously or he may even just fly straight out of the box.He is breathing quite heavily for he is scared. He is in a new surrounding. He has a new companion of a different species. You.

Day by day, you greet him in the morning and in the evenings. But he is not a shy bird. The first day with you and he is bound to chirp. To say hello. To see if he is alone or not. To let out his anxiety of a new foud home. Most importantly, he is telling you "Watch out. Here I come!". You shower him with love and care. You learn his habits, likes and dislikes. So does he, vice versa. He observes you closely everytime you approach him. The first time he actually lets you extend your finger to him without flying away shows you he has gained trust in you. Sometimes, he is happy and sometimes he is quiet. Sometimes he huddles up close to you to show you how much he loves you. Your gloomy and troubled days disappear when you come home from school or work and your eyes lite up upon seeing him. He is there to lend you his ears though he does not understand your language. But he is there. He feels for you. He turns black and white into colour for you.

Soon, the days pass on into weeks that pass on into months and with good luck, years. He has a little family now. He lovingly raised them with his pretty wife. They who let you watch the first egg being laid and the subsequent hatching of a new life. You watched them grow up and fly. Your heart is filled with pride. Though living beings are not perfect , illness comes and sometimes you watch it go. Sometimes it leaves together with the body it visited. Your watch with sadness as your little friend succumbs to the eternal invitation. Tears flow from you eyes as you bury your friend with dignity and the last goodbye. You lay flowers on his grave and you sprinkle his favourite seeds above. You watch the seeds grow everyday and you know, as each shoot grows taller, a new soul in heaven is flying higher and higher, happy to be free. Life is wonderfull. To let a little creature like a Budgie come in and colour your life is something so right. Treasure each and every moment with your budgie from his sheer aggresiveness to the affection he gives to you. You can never find such love from anywhere else.

This is dedicated to Ricci & Chanel, Bruno & Chloe. And my countless little friends who have helped touch my life.

- Submitted by Benjamin Mohd Yusop

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie