Budgie Dedications
Colby, My Little Guy

Colby was my 4yr old budgie. He was the most beautiful budgie I have ever seen.

When I first got Colby I had wanted a bigger bird, but my parents were buying it so I was told to get a budgie. Well I went into the pet store determined to get the most expensive budgie to get back at my parents, and then I saw him. Colby was sitting off to the edge by himself, he was so beautiful. He had a bright yellow head, a green/turquoise body and a colbalt blue tail. His purple cheeks were so bright. "Thats the one" I said.

When I got home I set up his new home. At first he was very scared but soon he was singing to his hearts content. Two days later I was able to bring him out of his cage. He flew around for awhile (always landing on his cage. His security blanket) then all of a sudden he came and sat on my shoulder. At this point I still wasn't sure if I really liked him or not. Then he gave me a little kiss, and he stole my heart. I just couldn't belive it. From then on Colby and I were the best of friends. i made sure that my room was perfectly safe for him to be flying around in. He was such a happy bird. He learned how to say "pretty boy" and "stupid" That is what he called my brother.

Two years ago I was watching someones guinea pig for them. Colby absolutely loved the guinea pig. He would get into her cage and give her little kisses and chatter to her. He seemed to love all animals except other birds. I got him a friend to keep him company while I was at school, and they hated each other. My new bird Zack would beat Colby up. So I had to give Zack away.

Last year i moved out and we got a little kitten. Lo and Behold Colby was in love with her and Shadow (the cat) was like a little mother to him. Shadow and Colby would sit and sleep together (I was always very cautious and watched them like a hawk) I have some beautiful photo's of them together.

On Valentines Day (feb 2000) Colby was not his usual self. I got up and had no one chirped good morning. I went to his cage and checked on him. he was all puffed up and breathing heavy. I brought him into my room and turned the heat all the way up. He seemed to get more aware and started to eat some seeds. I sat with him all day. At around 9:45 I decided to clean his cage for him. After I was done I noticed that Colby had stopped using his legs. he was pulling himself around by his wings. I knew that he was in pain so I was going to bring him to our regular vet ( there isn't an avian vet by me) to have him put down. I called my mom to find out the cost and just after I hung up colby looked up at me, streached and passed away. I was devastaed, I still am. I couldn't belive that my little guy had just died in my arms. I am know glad that it happened at home in the arms of his mom who loved him rather than the vets. I have put his cage away now, I am not sure if I will ever get another budgie. Colby was one of a kind and I will love him forever.

- Submitted by Amanda

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