Budgie Stories

These are some funny stories about my budgie, Coby. Here are his stories.

1. Once I took Coby out of his cage to fly around in my mom's room. He flew around a couple times and landed on the fan. My sister, Dayna, tried to get him off by spinning the fan slowly. He stayed on, as if glued to the spot. He liked Dayna spinning the fan! He sat up there and almost fell asleep while my mom, Dayna and I where watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Then, at long last, we got him down and put him in his cage.

2. Coby does this lots of times. We bought Coby a fake bird that bounces. He goes over to it, taps it, steps away, move side to side and bounces his head up and down. My mom thinks it's a mating movement.

3.Coby LOVES lettuce. So we gave him some lettuce and he started to chomp it down. I asked him, "Coby, is that lettuce yummy?" And at that same moment he bobbed his head as if to say, "Yes it is!"

4.Coby can ride a horse. I know that you're probably thinking, How can he ride a big animal like that? Well, I hope this awnsers your question. When I took Coby out of his cage he flew around a little.I have toy horses. I took the smallest horse out of the stable and put a saddle on it. I put Coby on my finger and put him in the saddle. I moved the horse around and he stayed on!

5. I set up a dinner table and put four chairs around it. I got toy plates and put real seeds on them. In three of the chairs I put bird Beanie Babies. There was an owl, a parrot and a cockatoo. I put Coby on my finger and sat him in the chair. Now he can eat with his feathered friends!

6. Coby does something called his nightly mumble every night. He makes little chirpy sounds and mumbles them under his breath to us.

7. We bought Coby some honeysticks. At first he didn't like them. Then, I saw him chewing it. He started to constantly chew it. when I came home to see him. I noticed the honeystick. I couldn't believe what I saw! It looked like a baby goat took a bite out of it!

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