My Poor Sweet Clover

I used to have a beutiful green parakeet my friend gave me named Clover. He was so beutiful! I spoiled him I think too much! Everyday I let him fly around in my room. But one day, the cat snuck in without me knowing it. I was downstairs. I walked in to get in my pajamas. And I saw it the cat had my Clover cornered! Clover was still alive. I literally threw cat out and over the balcony. There was blood everywhere. I was so depressed.

He lived for 3 more painful days after that. I didn't know of any vet and besides, I had no money. I woke up to the sound of thud when he hit the cage floor. I opened the cloth to see him laying there trying to get up. But it was like one side of him couldn't move. I knew he was going to die. I went to school and got sympathy from my friends. I came home and hugged and cried over him for about 3 hours.

Then i buried, my, poor sweet Clover. I have 2 birds now that fly around everyonce in a while. I din't get a green one because i knew I would do nothing but cry. I go to the back yard and pay all my respects to him, and cry. I'll never forget him. But I know i'll see him in the future.

- Submitted by Joy

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie