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My Budgie Chippie

Chippie budgie Dear friends
I would like to tell you about my budgie. Her name is Chippie and she is now 4 years old She can talk-understands everything... only eats and sleep in her cage... She is like a little doggie in the house... very naughty... and knows when she does wrong... Every evening when my hubby stops with his car in the carport she hears him... and sits and wait... and you can watch... its just a second or two then he opens the front door..Its just amazing to think that a tiny bird reconizes... the sound of a car

She also go along with us in the car...and always sits on the headrest when we drive somewhere... Okie... thats just very shortly told... just wanted you all to know how cute she is...

- Submitted by Dolly van Schoor, South Africa

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