Budgie Dedications

Chepper was the cutest little budgie ever. We got him on St. Patrick's Day when I was in 3rd grade, and I'm in 7th grade now. He wouldn't go anywhere without his ring bell, and he loved to sit in the corner of his cage and go "Chepper, Chepper!" He also would whistle whenever somebody in my family came in the room. He was beautiful blue and white, and I've never seen one like him; his wings were almost all white. He was also a little bit pudgy because he would do this really annoying chirp if we didn't feed him all the time. He loved to eat apples. If you called him, he would fly to you and land on your arm or your shoulder. Sometimes he would land on people's heads. He was a funny, wonderful, fun little friend. About a month ago, Chepper got sick, and a couple of weeks ago he passed away, just a little after his 5th birthday. He is buried in our back garden. So, Chepper, wherever you are, we all love you and miss you a lot. We will never forget you, and if we ever get other birds, they will never replace you. So, love ya, Budge (my pet name for Chepper) I know that Chepper is my little guardian angel and flies on my shoulder whenever I need him. So he was a wonderful bird, and I will always remember him.

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