Dedication to Charlie
Dedication to Charlie

My Charlie, a blue budgie, passed away on 6th January 2000, aged 3, of cancer.

I will love Charlie forever, as he was the best budgie I have ever had. I have few other budgies, but sadly I have never felt this way for any of them. Charlie was diagnosed with stomach cancer in November 1999 when I took him to the vet's for a check-up. He was very sleepy, which was unusual for him, and very sad. He also refused food, and didn't want to get out of the cage. When he was a healthy budgie, he used to fly out of the cage, with his other budgie friends, and WALK on the floor - usually living room - kitchen route, where they could all find bits of food on the way. We never had to put any of them back in the cage - they would just fly in when they felt like it! Charlie was exceptional from the start, he would let us stroke him all over his body, hold him, he would drink water from us, he would give us kisses and would make the funniest noises. The funny thing was - Charlie couldn't talk, wasn't trained at all, and yet he was soooo tame. What's more, when we bought him, he had only one eye - the other eye was damaged a lot so he was blind on it, but he still managed to fly around the house with no problems. When the vet told us the sad news, I was constantly asking myself whether there was anything I could have done for him if we detected it earlier on.

During his last few weeks, he was becoming very ill, and we knew he would die soon, but taking him to the vets wasn't an option, we wanted him to die at home, with us.

I found him in the morning, 6th Jan. '00, on the bottom of his cage. He looked as if he didn't suffer at all, so that made us a bit happier. We burried him in our garden later that day. I am just glad he is finally out of his misery.

I will miss you Charlie, and I just hope you are in a much better place now. I hope you are flying lots, and that you have lots of other friends.

We will never forget you...

Mummy & Daddy
Mr & Mrs Wood, UK

- Submitted by Mr & Mrs Wood, UK

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