Cha-Cha's Antics

The other night Cha-Cha decided that my husband & I would not be watching TV. He started dancing about on one of his perches or one of our fingers while bobbing his head & laughing like crazy all at the same time. We're convinced he know's what laughing is. So that totally cracked us up & our laughing kept him going. Just as well we were only watching a video. But it's worth it to turn it off to see his antics.

Everytime he stopped this very entertaining performance and we turned the video back on he would start again. His performance seemed to get better each time.

He has even taught himself his own version of "OW! I feel good dee dee dee dee dee dee dee" and occasionally goes "OW! I feel good dee dee birdee birdee dee dee, etc" Or sometimes he will do the head-bobbing with just the "birdee birdee dee dee".

I have never seen Cha-Cha as cuddly as he was last night. (Wiktor was giving Cha-Cha scratchies with his nose). Whenever Wiktor stopped Cha-Cha would start rubbing his cere and beak on Wiktor's nose. I was sitting right next to them so enjoyed the entire show!

Cha-Cha has also started saying "Wheeeeeeee!" when he flies with incredible speed from pelmet to pelmet or pelmet to someone's head. It's really funny as we didn't intend teaching him that one!

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