Budgie Stories
Ceasar and Chi-Chi

I had a crabby bird name Ceasar. He seemed sad so I brought home a friend for him (who is actually a she). I brought home a sky-blue baby budgie & named her Chi-Chi. They didn't get along in the same cage so now they each have their own homes, placed side by side. Ceasar is now happy & sings all the time & shows off for Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi is learning from Ceasar & is very happy & playful.

Even though it's twice the mess, it definately is twice the sweetness & fun!

I love my babies & they have definately brought much joy to my life.

Michelle (I even have return address labels with budgies on them now. Is this too much? am I going crazy? Please somebody, either confirm or deny for me. )

- Submitted by Michelle

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