Ceasar the Grumpy Budgie
Ceasar the Grumpy Budgie

"Michelle Izadkhah" I love my budgie named Ceasar. He is a grouchy thing but so am I so we get along fine. He loves it when the music is playing or when people are talking. It's like: "Listen to me! Listen to me!", but when you talk to him he ignores you.

Ceasar likes romaine lettuce & carrots & his latest pastime is hanging upside down & staring at himself in the mirror. He also likes taco chips & vanilla pudding.

Ceasar has a weekly bath & loves to flip/flop around in his purple tub.

Since he has come into my life,(4 mos. ago) I have noticed a definate decrease in my stress level. I love to watch him playing & tinkling his bells & his singing is a beautiful sound. I can't imagine life without him now.

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