Budgie Stories
Carter the Pretty Birdie

Today , Tuesday October 24, 2000, is a week in which my bird has passed away.

My bird, Carter , was the smallest bird when we got him. He was a beautiful green and yellow with a blue tail. We got him in September of 1994. He was an old bird, 7 years old but I do not beleive he was suppossed to die yet. I dont want to talk much right now becuase I can not stop the tears. He was my friend. He would whistle and tell us when he wanted to come out and he would say "Carter pretty birdie, birdie, birdie..." and "Being a bird". He would do flips around his perch and loved to take baths. He was a special bird to our family. He would share my meals with me and talk to me. I love him so much and I miss him so much. A week ago, i had him out around this time 9:00pm, and the phone rang. So i got on the phone and let Carter fly around. My mom came upstairs and went into the bathroom unaware that Carter had followed her into there. When she left, she turned out the light. When I got off the phone my first thought was to let my bird go to sleep now but I couldnt find him till I went into the bathroom to find him in the tiolet where he had fallen and he had drowned. I picked him up supporting his head and starting going hysterical. I clutched him to my chest praying for him to wake up. It was now 9:30 pm. I wrapped him in a towel and layed him down and started to breath into his nose in which I could see his lungs opening and closing. My dad had to take him away from me and bury him in the back yard. This is really hard for me to write right now but I want everyone to know what a wonderful bird I had. It is also nice to knwo that there are people out there who understand what I am going through. It is hard not to blame myself but I miss my little friend and hope he does not blame me for what happened.

- Submitted by Crystal

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