Burger with a Budgie

On the way down town I decided to stop off at the local burger shop. While paying for my hamburger the cashier told me that there was a bird on top of my car. I did actually see the reflection of a bird in the window so I paid for the burger and then pulled up in line to let the car behind me pick up their food. I then stopped the car and there was a blue white tiped winged budgie on top of my car. I reached for it and it flew onto the side of the building about shoulder high and I managed to get it into my burger bag and took it home. Now we are living happily ever after.

Since then I've built a bird box complete with two small branches and a box at the bottom filled with bird litter along with an open bath. Now it just wants to stay around the box which hangs from the ceiling by two strands of small chain. I acutally started building them and selling them in the local pet stores.

If you would like to have one you could order them from me. E-mail me at xv700@hotmail.com and I will be glad to tell you about them...

Submitted by Hugh

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