Budgie Dedications
Dedication to Budgie

My name is Rohini. I am British and of Indian origin. Back in England, I used to have a Budgie called Budgie. He was sky blue and a very special part of my life for many years that often I never felt the need for a boyfriend! I have a small story to tell about when I went away on a school ski trip and a particular bonding that took place between Budgie and my sister Bhanu.

Budgie was very sick at that time and I felt extremely sad about leaving him alone in the company of my family who were not used to handling Budgie. However, my sister reported that Budgie felt so sick during my absence that he took to sitting underneath her chin in the warmth of her neck all huddled up while she watched TV. Thus began the start of a great friendship. She really did a good job of comforting him while I was away. On one occasion however, when I was very young, Budgie had these strange fits and would fly around the room and once by mistake he fell down the side of a very hot radiator(heater) and was stuck. In a panic, I froze out of fear that Budgie might fry to death but my sister managed to speedily recover Budgie from the trauma of being stuck behind a hot radiator.

There are many stories to tell about Budgie as I am sure you all have. I have an ambition in life and that is to build a Budgie Sanctuary as I believe we could learn alot from Budgies about LOVE. Budgie will always be in my heart.

- Submitted by Rohini

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