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Story of Budgie

Our family has three budgerigars, and seeing them reminds me of Budgie, our first bird. Budgie was a true budgie, a light green male that loved to be with us. He would land on the curtains and on the water faucet and loved to call to the water. Whenever anyone came near the cage, he'd plaster himself to the door and chirp like crazy to make us let him out. He could say, "Hello, Budgie," "Cutie bird," and "Jesus loves you." We had him for three years. About two months before we left for vacation he came down with a bug. He would just sit in his cage all puffed up, very quiet. He'd voluntarily snuggle up to our necks and in our hands for warmth. We left him and our other bird, Bluebird, at a neighbors while we went on vacation. When we got back, Budgie had died. We had a funeral, and we cried because be loved that bird. I still feel sad, but I know that there's nothing we could have done to save him after reading various bird books. He had psittacosis. I feel really sad now so I'll stop writing now.

- Submitted anonymously

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