Budgie Stories
Budg and Budget

Hello, my name is Elaire and I own 2 budgies, Budg + Budget. Budg is more tame than Budget but we love them both! Budg is blue with a white head and Budget is green with a yellow head. They are not morning birds. If you try to take them out in the morning, they'll bite and they'll bite hard but if you leave them alone, sooner or later they'll come out on their own.

In the cage, Budget is the boss and loves to take charge over Budg. But out of the cage, she is as timmid as they come and then Budg is her protector.

Once Budg fell into the toilet and got the nickname "guppy" because he tried to swim around. It was soo cute. Budg loves to talk people talk or so we call it. And he especialy loves to talk to his "mirror buddies" He mostly says "budgie bird" over and over again. But he also says things like:
1. tastes good!
2. it's okay!
3. don't!!
4. stop!
5. ring! ring!
6. beep! beep!
7. bull* * * *
8. And he tries to say my brother's name (Gregory) but it comes out Cree Cree!

I don't know what I'd do without them! Some of their favorite foods are, chicken, cooked egg, millet, bread, crackers, and cheese. But they especially love cooked egg! I read some of the other budgie stories and I love them all! Especially "Violet the manly budgie" That is soo cute!

- Submitted by Elaire age 13

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