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Budee Story

My Budz has been over-bred, and as a result, has a misshapen left foot. That does not hamper him, however. He was hand fed and was very friendly from the start. His first duty is life is to talk----he imitates most all of what I say to him, and so he has a nice vocabulary.

Since I am essentially an "empty nester", so when both girls were gone, he got babied a lot with varieties of food, clean cage, and doted on in any other way I can. Although I cannot pet him, he is used to my kissing him on his body. He just lost his roomie, another budgie one year younger than himself, recently. It was a mistake to put two males in the cage. They got very competitive for food and attention, but mostly food.

Budee is a very sweet, friendly bird, and I hope he lives a long life. His roomie was such a great flier and I enjoyed his athletic acrobatics, I think my Buz is a STAR!

- Submitted by John Valletti

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