Budgie Stories
Buddy Lee -- Bird of Adventure

For our one-year wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to take a road trip to an Indian Casino about and hour and a half from our house. When we first arrived into town, my husband asked me to pull over so he could get a soda. I pulled into a fast-food drive thru, but my husband wanted bottled soda, not fountain (picky, picky!). So as I waited in the drive-thru line, he got out to run to the gas station next door. A few seconds later, he was tapping at the car window. I looked out and saw him pointing toward his shoulder. The cutest little bright green budgie had landed there!

I got through the drive-thru line, and jumped out of the car. The bird had followed my husband around to the other side of the buildng. I asked the restaurant employees if they knew anything about the poor little bird, and no one did. Having no experience with birds, but being the sucker for animals that I am, I convinced my husband to help me capture the little guy and go in search of a pet store. Of course, there were none in the area, so the three of us headed for home.

Over the past few months, Buddy Lee -- Bird of Adventure, has made himself at home. Having read as much as I could get my hands on about caring for budgies, I learned that they are happier in groups. So, I recently acquired a little brother for Buddy, named Dingo. I absolutely love having them around, though my two jealous cats resent having to share my attention with them. We have established a "rotate-the-pets-schedule" in our home -- when the birds have free-flying time, the cats spend the evening on the porch.

My husband and I never did make it to the casino that day. But Buddy Lee (and his new little brother) have turned out to be a million times more fun that a slot machine!

- Submitted by Lori Tomlinson

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