Budgie Dedications
Bluey Boy

blueyboy budgie It's amazing how close one can get to a fluffy, adorable, baby budgie in just over one month. Of course my partner and I have been budgie lovers since were kids, and this new one was so tame and trusting from the first day, it was like our substitute child. Bluey Boy would come to the office with me everyday, and whilst I worked he'd chirp excitedly at all his bird friends outside the window. I made a perch for him on the window sill so he could look out at his friends. When he got tired of chirping at his bird friends, he'd wander around my desk & nibble my documents or sit on my shoulder & hide within my shoulder length hair. When it came time to go home, I'd tuck him inside my jacket & he'd snuggle up quietly until we got in the car. In the car, he'd sit on my shoulder and gaze curiously at the passing scenes outside the windows.

A couple of days ago, when we returned home from visiting friends, we realised that Bluey Boy was nowhere to be found. He had probably squeezed out along a tiny gap in the balcony door that had not been properly closed, and we'd lost him to the big wide world! We were totally heartbroken, fruitlessly looking for him everywhere around the area. Our main concern was his ability to survive, as he was only a very young baby. We've put up notices and distributed notices in letterboxes in the area; meanwhile there's just an aching pain in the heart for the little, bright-eyed affectionate creature that crept into our hearts so quickly...

- Submitted by Aileen Lim

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