billy and karen
Billy and Karen

Hi my name is Jenny. I have two budgie parakeets... Billy and Karen. I got Karen first when i went to meijers and i bought her. she is blue on the chest and has black wings with white stripes. i love her but i think she bites way to hard! one time i thought i lost a finger. she can be a sweetheart when she wants to be though. i got Billy when my aunt had a friend that had budgies but they all died all except one, my baby, Billy. my aunt told the woman she knew someone who had another budgie, me. my cousin and i stayed up all night long discussing the new bird and my bird, karen.the next day, thanksgiving day, billy arrived and is a very nice bird. after three years he is still afraid of my bird karen! (she pecks at him... thats why!) billy and karen are the best things in my life i could have ever gotten. i respect all of those birds who died from many mishaps, including ricci and chanel. i am sorry for all budgie owners whose budgies have died. written by Jenny, january 10,1999

- Submitted by Jenny

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