Budgie Stories

Benji the Budgie Benji was a very cute grey and white english budgie who recently left my world on October 6, 2000. Just two years after I got him, he was gone. He had developed a bacterial infection, and, although I had him on antiobiotics, sadly it didn't help in the end.

He was a sweet bird..who in his healthy days said "sexy chicken" "benji..good boy" and the ever popular "hello." He would fly over to me when I would come home, and sometimes not let me leave the house. He loved to snuggle under my ear and loved singing to the radio. I have many fond moments in my two years as his buddy, and I find comfort knowing that at least he is no longer in pain.

Three things make me happy when I think about him.

1) At least I know in his short time with me, he had a good life. I pampered and spoiled him and he was for the most part "free" to go where he wanted. However, he always chose to stay in his cage until I got home. My friend, who is also a bird person, said he was lucky I chose him out of the bunch because sadly and wrongly, some people buy birds as decoration, not as buddies. That was not certainly not the case here.

2) In September of this year, Benji earned fame by being written up about in the Wall Street Journal. It was an article done about the housing crunch in Boston..and his section was entitled "sexy chicken."

3) How many birds can say they got to go to sunny california for the holidays? He got to fly with me in the cabin of a plane cross country. The pilots and flight attendants were so excited to have a bird in the cabin. Everyone was impressed how quiet, calm and good he was on that flight. The pilot even commented about him on the loudspeaker.

On his last day of life, I had an odd experience. I actually woke up way before my alarm went off, which never happens. I took him out of his cage and had him sit with me while I watched 'good morning america.' I am so glad I had that extra half hour with him that morning. At least I know I had that last moment with him nestled by my ear to cherish. Benji, I miss you dearly. There will be other feathered friends, but your memory will never be forgotten.

Benjamin Yorke February 25, 1998 - October 6, 2000

- Submitted by Danielle

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