The Sounds Beavis Makes: I started this weekend trying to teach Beavis to say, "I can talk. Can you fly?" I thought it was kind of long, so I broke it down into two parts and just started with "I can talk". So I've been going around saying brightly "I can talk" and Beavis just looks at me like he wanted to say "Duh!"

So far no success. Beavis listens politely and then repeats gleefully "Trick or Treat!" I think it must sound similar to him with the same number of syllables and also the "t" sound. Poor little guy, he keeps trying and has gotten to the point that he is enunciating "trick or treat" VERY, VERY clearly, as if to convince me he's doing it perfectly.

As I left for work this morning, he called out "Be a bird!" as I went for the door. This is what he tells me every morning as I leave. It started with me telling him "Bye Beavis - be a good bird!" He never tells me to be a *good* bird - that would probably be impossible, he figures, but maybe he imagines me flying in a mediocre imitation of bird-ness as I leave the house every day.

Every time he'd molt I'd say "Poor Beavis...he's molting" and I guess Beavis associated this comment with his molt, because now he says it when he is molting. He does say "Poor Beavis" at other times, but arely talks about molt.

He learned the name of our second bird, Yoshi, after one introduction. I held the lovebird, Yoshi, next to Beavis' cage and repeated the new bird's name a couple times. By the next morning Beavis was saying "Yoshi, Yoshi, come here!".

Beavis calls me "Gary" because he has heard me call my husband, Gary. I guess Beavis figured that if he spends alot of time repeating his own name, Beavis, then I must be repeating my own name when I call out "Gary, c'mere!" The sad part is that it took me a long time to figure out he was calling ME when he's saying "Gary! Gary!"

In the past year, I started saying "Right, Beavis?" when I would talk to him. He soon picked it up and started saying it. What astounded me was that he turned it around, without any prompting to say "Right, Gary?" after he says something to me! - Submitted by Pat Green

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