BB Twix
BB Twix

To my darling BB Twix,
Several months have elapsed since you passed away. If I cast my mind back to that fateful morning, I can still recall the sensation of you resting in the palm of my hand; As you lost the fight for life, I too wanted to die. Loosing you is something I can't really come to terms with as your were always there, literally. Wherever I went there was my BB, singing his heart out and responding to my conversation. Returning home from work or a shopping trip, I still call out "hello Twixxy" even though as I open the door I know you aren't there. After you died, I meticulously picked up every feather I could find in and around your house; As I crawled on the floor collecting, I could have washed it with the amount of tears that flowed and all I could do was clutch at anything that was left.

BB, you were, are and always will be my little boy. I have known you in a previous life and that bond, which spans time and space, will never be broken. I continue to say your name everyday....your memory will live forever!

- Submitted June 29, 2000

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