Barking Budgie

Our neighbors have a black lab who usually gets tied out on a short lead and barks for about 1/2 hour every day. This is just outside the bird room window. It isn't loud, nor irritating (the dog is well treated, just likes to bark!) With the windows closed, it's a very muted noise which I seldom pay attention to...

Until this morning.

It went on and on and on and on. So I went out to see what was bothering the dog. Dog isn't out. Go inside, hear dog; go outside, no dog. Go inside, hear dog, follow bark INTO bird room. Bark stops. Turn my back, dog barks! But it is muffled like it's coming through the window!

...There is a barking budgie here but I don't know which one! I suspect it's the same one who was whistling a month back...

Now to set up a video recorder or something to catch the culprit in the act!

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