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I have a budgie name Angel, I got him when he is 6 weeks old. He is an albino, red eye, a white one. He likes to eat apples, pears, oranges, and his favorites is the watermelon. He have his own toys and his favorite is the bell. He don't want anyone to touch it except him. He will try to bite anyone who will touch his bell toy. He talks a lot and my sisitors were impressed by his talking skills and ability to entertain them. When I have a one week vacation from Manila I entrusted him to my friend Joanne and when Angel saw me I think he really miss me by whisling a beautiful note and could not stopped talking. Then I realized that ma Angel is lonely so I bought him a female budgie, but I did not know that this budgie was still recovering from an illness. So it did not take long that Angel got sick and died after more that one week of giving him antibiotics. I really felt so sad and I could not stop crying when I still remember him. He died last November l996. He was only one year old and I think he is a very wonderful bird.

- Submitted by Amy Yap

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