Budgie Dedications
Andy Cloud 9

I got my very first budgie over two years ago, her name was Andy Cloud 9. I chose the name because at the time I thought she was a boy! (She later ended up being Andrea!) The feathers on her belly looked just like clouds, sky blue and white. My friend Sarah had a pretty green budgie, and I liked him so much I convinced my parents to let me get a budgie too. When I went to the pet store, I held Andy and knew she was the one, she rode in the car all the way home on my shoulder.

She continued to enjoy car rides and traveling for the rest of her tragically short life. She went with me whenever she could (wings clipped and travel cage along just in case!). She played out soap opera's with my friends budgie, and even got a cage mate whom she adored, named Peaches. Even after the aquisition of Peaches, she would always come out to play with me. She loved to give kisses and learned to make at least 15-20 different wild bird calls she heard outside, from chickadee's to crows!

About a week before Christmas, when she was less than a year old.. she passed away suddenly and seemingly without any cause I could find.. I will always miss my sweet little budgie, my introduction to the "bird world" ~ Rest in Peace, Andy

- Submitted by Katie

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