Budgie Stories
The Adventurous Budgie, Lucky

One day I had my 2 parakeets Lucky and Comet downstairs and we were watching TV. I decided to go and get a glass of water and set my budgies on the armrest of the couch. I then went out to the kitchen and got my glass of water when I came back I noticed that it was quiet. Lucky was gone!I searched everywhere for her. When I lost all hope I was getting ready to sit down and imagining finding my lovabe, wonderful Lucky.......dead. Then I heard it. A chirp from downstairs. I ran down looked everywhere.Went int the bathroom and there was Lucky in the sink.........fast asleep.I gently picked her up and while I was walking up the stairs I said "Sleepy?" and she shook her head. I got Comet and took them both upstair and put them in thier cage and covered it up for them and they fell asleep. Later when they woke up they got out and we played chase.I love my budgies so much!!!!!!มมมมมมมมม

- Submitted by Jim & Sheila Brown

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