Two for the Price of One

One summer I wanted a bird so much, that I saved all my money to get a cage for it, food, and all the other things a budgie needed. When the day came that I could get my bird I was so happy. We took her home and couldn't figure out a name for her. Finally I choose the name Bublegum, since she was the colour of the icecream. After dinner when it was cooler out, we used to hang her cage outside so she could get some fresh air, but this one day I looked the window and on top of her cage was another bird! I thought could she have gotten out of her cage? When I looked closer I relized that it was another budgie! So I caught him, and ever since the two have been good friends. It didn't take long to figure out a name for him though. He seemed like a Bazzoka Joe, or B.J.

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