There are several schools of thought for how to tame a pet budgie. This page is dedicated to explaining different methods that budgie owners have successfully used to hand tame their feathered friends.

Training Sessions Method
This method requires patience, and clipped wings make this a much easier process. This taming method includes frequently talking to your budgie, using a soft voice to sooth them. Each training session should last between 10-20 minutes. Slowly put your hand in the cage and keep it in there until the bird has a chance to settle itself down. Resist the urge to grab or move your hand over to the budgie in the first few sessions. Give him some time to come used to the presence of your hand. When he stops freaking out at the sight of your hand in the cage it is time to slowly push your finger towards his belly like a perch. Say "up" when you press your finger against his belly. When you return him to his cage or perch say "down". Continue talking to the budgie when he is on your finger. When it seems like he is comfortable sitting on your finger, you may slowly take him out of the cage on your finger. Do not be over zealous the first time you take him out of the cage. Always keep these training sessions short at first. Eventually the time out of the cage will increase and you will have a trusting budgie friend.
On Their Own Time Method
Don't try to handle them in the first few days in their new home. Give him some time to get used to his new home and environment. Have the cage in a room where you are alot of the time. Spend lots of time with him, talking to him and putting your hands in the cage only to change their water and give them fresh food. Make a point to show them that you are merely doing good things for him and not trying to hurt him. It may take some time before he will decide to come out to you, and you may try to bribe him to come out of his cage by leaving millet or other budgie treats right outside the cage door, or even in your hand right inside or outside the cage. Eventually he will learn to accept you and be your friend.
Catch and Release Method
Take the budgie out of the cage and into another room that is out of site of the cage. It is best to have the budgie clipped when taming them. Repeatedly catch and release her. Budgies are quick to learn that you are not hurting them. After about half and hour, take her back to her cage and talk to her for awhile.
Melanie's Ultradrastic Training Method
EDITOR'S NOTE: This training method should be done with caution. When holding a budgie you need to make sure not to squeeze too hard or it is possible to cause suffocation. And althought some budgies take to this method of taming, other budgies will not respond well to this method and it can be even harder to gain their trust afterwards. "Pick up the just-purchased budgie. It will attempt to chew your finger off. Grab it in a body hold, and hold it the whole way home from the store (if you're not driving), or hold it for a half hour at a time, at least five times the first day. Don't let it go, and discourage biting with a firm grab to its beak. Clip the wings, too... This tames them to the bite-gently and don't-flee-too-much stages in one day!!" - Melanie Rider, Mischevious Aviaries

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