Skylar's Cool Toy

Skylar's Cool Toy was submitted by Skyzoo9@aol.com

I just bought my bird a small metal swing to hang from the top of this cage but he started to chew off the finish. I was racking my brain, trying to figure out a way to fix it so he'd stop. Resin was too expensive. I didn't want to buy a whole new swing, and paint would peel off. So I was looking through a magazine that showed how to wrap a pencil or pen in embroidery thread as a decoration. Finally there was my idea. This project is cheap and will last, and isn't that hard to do.

Materials Needed:
A swing, embroidery floss (any colors), two-sided tape, and scissors.

Wrap the entire swing (perch & side bars) with the tape. Start with the perch section on the swing. Cut the thread to an appropriate length and start wrapping over the tape. When you run out of thread, or want to change colors, simply cut the thread about an inch longer than you want it. Place it straight across the side of th eperch so when you continue wrapping it will cover it completely.

Use the same procedure for the side bars. To end the thread and start on another section, cut the thread closely at the end and wrap the remaining thread around the perch/bars. If your bird pulls on the thread or unwraps simply rewrap that part of the swing. Have fun!