The Bead Spider

The Bead Spider is a budgie toy that is easily made with leather string, plastic beads, wood beads, and a hook or key ring.

Step 1: Cut several pieces of leather string depending on how many "arms" you want the toy to have.

Step 2: Tie 2 knots on the end of one of the strings and then "anchor" it with a wood bead. and then thread on plastic beads in any pattern or even randomly.

Step 3: Tie on a hook or key ring on the other end leaving about 2 inches of open string between the hook and the plastic beads.

Step 4: Do the other strings the same way by tying 2 knots on one end followed by an "anchor" of a wooden bead followed by the plastic beads. Thread the plastic beads on about a third of the remaining string.

Step 5: Then tie a knot around the open spot in the first leather string and then continue threading plastic beads and tie 2 knots at the end of the string. Continue this with the additional leather strings until the open space on the original string is filled up.

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