Seeds & Sprouts

Hemp Seed Treats
Use a double boiler. In top pot mix first three ingredients until sucanat has dissolved. Add brown rice syrup, seeds and nuts. Mix well until seeds are coated with sweetener. Pour into baking pan and press flat. Refrigerate overnight. Cut into squares before serving

Optional: You can substitute the cashew nuts with any other kind of chopped nuts you prefer.

Variation: For a decadent cholesterol-free treat, top a square with a scoop of tofulati or frozen rice dream
- Source Unknown

Sprouted Seed
Fill a large jar about half full with seed and fill with warm water. Let the jar sit about 12-24 hours then drain seeds and rinse with cold water. At this time they have a lot of nutritional value but it increases once they germinate. In addition to the jar you might want to buy the special lids that are located in the health food stores to germinate sprouts. Rinse seeds about two times a day. Make sure the seeds do not get sour so mix them around in the jar. Serve seeds moist not wet.
- Source Unknown
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