Budgie Potato-Based Foods

Sweet Potato Balls
Mix all together and add enough fruit or vegetable juice to make it form small balls. Freeze balls individually. Defrost and serve.
- Source Unknown

Tater Melt
Scoop out potato and mix with broccoli and cheese in microwavedish. Cook in microwave on high until broccoli is bright greenand cheese has melted, about1 minute. Place mixture back into potato skin. Cool before serving, as is or cut up into pieces. Be sure cheese is not too hot before serving.
- Source Unknown

Scrub the skin of the sweet potato and cook in microwave 6 to 10 minutes until very soft. Depending on softness of fruit, microwave a minute or two until very soft. Mix pulp of sweet potato, fruit, brown rice together and mash. Add liquid as necessary to achieve the consistency of rice pudding. Mixture can be divided into one cup portions, which will feed one large bird for about one week. This mixture can be frozen and defrosted as needed. If frozen in ice cube trays, each cube can be defrosted for a single meal.
- Source Unknown
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