Cereals & Biscuits

Birdie Cereal
Mix ingredients together and serve immediately. Change at least twice a day to make sure your birds doesn't digest any soured foods. You can replace the Bag O' Bugs with live insects.
- Source Unknown

Eight Grain Cereal
Mix all grains together. Heat three cups boiling water and add one cup mixture. Cook until the consistency of oatmeal. This can be added to some of your corn bread recipes! Sprinkle avian vitamins over cereal.
- Source Unknown

Spicy Finger Biscuits
Dry: Wet: *Optional

Heat oven to 300 degrees. Spray cookie sheets with oil. Mix all ingredients. Should be able to pinch dough into 3/4" balls and roll into cylinders. Add more liquid or flour for right consistency. Place not touching on cookie sheets and bake 1 hour. Makes about 4 large cookie sheets of finger food. Can be put into baggies and frozen until needed.
- Marcy Covault, Feathered Friends

Birdie Oatmeal Mix
Put ingredients in blender. Add enough water for desired consistency. Store in refrigerator.
- Source Unknown

Quick Retreat
Mix in blender with enough water for the desired consistency. Store in refrigerator for further use.
- Source Unknown
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